Roc joint PU 12

Roc joint PU 12

Self-levelling and easy to apply, Roc Joint PU 12 is an ideal concrete expansion joint filler for sealing concrete floor joints as wide as 30mm.

Typical applications:

  • Induced saw-cut joints and armoured joints in industrial concrete floors
  • Expansion joints in external slabs
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • New concrete floors, and joint repairs




Roc joint PU12 is a concrete expansion joint filler made from polyurethane resin. It is supplied as a liquid, ready to be poured into a saw-cut joint in a concrete floor. Once hardened, Roc joint PU12 supports to the exposed arrises of saw-cut joints, which helps prevent joint arris damage and spalling.

Versatile concrete joint sealant

Roc joint PU 12 is a versatile choice. It can be used for sealing concrete floor joints from 4mm to 30mm wide, both indoors and outdoors – so the same product can be used for sealing saw-cut and armoured joints inside and expansion joints outside.

For new joints, and replacement sealants

Because Roc joint PU12 can be used with so many joint widths, it’s suitable either as a first sealant for the joint, or as a replacement sealant once a joint has widened over time.
Note that Roc joint PU12 should only be used once the floor has been laid for at least a month, to allow the joint to open initially.

Resistant to many substances

Roc joint PU12 is resistant to hydrocarbons and many other chemicals, so can be used in buildings where there is a risk of spillages, or where the floor is regularly cleaned.

Easy application

The joint should first be fitted with Roc Ethafoam joint backing, to provide a firm base for the sealant. Then, Roc joint PU12 can simply be poured into the joint groove, and finished with a hand trowel. Refer to our datasheet for further installation details.

Quick setting

A joint sealed with Roc joint PU12 will be ready for use after just 24 hours – so delays and disruption are minimal.

Technical help

Our technical datasheet gives more information about Roc joint PU12 and its suitability and use. If you have any questions please contact our technical team who will be pleased to help you.

Safety advice

Roc joint PU12 expansion joint filler is a resin-based product. You should avoid getting it on your skin, and wash well with water if that should happen. If you get any in your eyes, wash well with water and seek medical attention. Do not ingest. Use Roc joint PU12 in a well-ventilated area, where smoking is not permitted. Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet for further details.


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